A Great Sunday Morning! 

Here’s a sampling of my morning! It was pretty darn awesome! And oh my, how adorable is the little sweetheart! She just turned 5 in June! I gave her an intro lesson today and now, I will be coaching her! My other students are making incredible progress. One was averaging 108 for years…. And has Been playing for 30 years! After a few sessions with me, he’s now consistently around 95. And I have no doubt will be breaking 90 soon. He used to be a massive slicer and now straight to soft draw! He’s very happy! 👍😀My other Student is new, today was his first full session with me, after an intro lesson last week. Extremely exciting to see everyone’s progress in such a short period of time! This is why I Love what I do!   

Growing The Game

This is so awesome! Today I had the pleasure to work with these brothers! Sterling (11), Devon (9) and Landon (7). They ALL have incredible talent! I’ve worked with the older brothers for 2 sessions in the past but today their youngest brother joined the lesson. I thought it would be fun to shoot this! I counted to 3 and they swung… Take note of their downswing, all being in sink… Incredible!! Also take note, one went right (at me! LOL), one down the middle and one left (too adorable, almost over his head)! No doubt This will be a keepsake for this family! Be sure to scroll down and look at the still pictures I took from the video. Super Fun! #Golf #GrowingTheGame #LPGA

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Nominated for LPGA Western Section Teacher of the Year Award! 

Wow! Today I was notified by the #LPGA that I have been nominated for Western Section Teacher of the Year Award! I’ve been a member of this great organization for 20 years and what a gigantic honor just to be nominated!! Actually very emotional!! I have a huge, burning passion for helping people and I’m extremely grateful it happens to be with the amazing game of golf! It’s not a “job” when you love what you do! #LasVegasGolfPro #Golf #LasVegas #Grateful