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Coaching Las Vegas Residents at the Beautiful Revere Golf Club
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Whether you are a beginning player or a low handicapper; you know what it is like.  You are standing over the shot and thousands of thoughts fill your head draining you of the confidence you need to hit the ball and hit it the way you desire.  And who is watching?  Your friends, a client, your boss?   It is now time to pull the trigger…….and do what you have dreamed of doing.  Hit a Great Shot!  But That’s Not What Happened! What’s holding You Back?

Get the golf coaching you desire NOW with multiple options to achieve your goals. All options are customized with you, and YOU alone.  It is all about you.  Kristin takes into mind your goals and your ability and designs a program that works for you.  What are you waiting for?  Why not be the golfer that you have always wanted to be.

All instruction is conducted at the Beautiful Revere Golf Club