Preparing for College Golf

Preparing for College Golf: Now that his High School season is over, we are now preparing for his college golf season! Off to Buena Vista University in Iowa! Season starts in August! So proud of this hard working young man, Peyton Stage. Not just in golf, but well balanced in all areas of his life!

Now Teaching Professional BodyBuilders!

What a great day and now it’s raining! I Gave a few lessons and then met my friend  Darien Masse for his birthday for coffee and then talked him into taking a few swings. ⛳️ It’s been 1.5 years since he’s touched a club. Since he’s a bit “bulky”, I was very impressed with how well he swung and hit the ball! He’s  from Alberta and has been in Vegas training for the Canadian National Bodybuilding competition on July 11, 2015. What a great guy! Warning: For my friends that don’t know Darien, and If you want to SEE hard work and determination, click on his name in the post! Yes, that is him in competition!