Preparing for College Golf

Preparing for College Golf: Now that his High School season is over, we are now preparing for his college golf season! Off to Buena Vista University in Iowa! Season starts in August! So proud of this hard working young man, Peyton Stage. Not just in golf, but well balanced in all areas of his life!

Els For Autism Golf Clinic In Las Vegas


If you know anyone that has a child with #autism that would be interested in attending a complimentary Golf Clinic, on Oct. 11th @ The Rio Secco Golf Club, let me know. I will be one of the instructors for the event. We are also in need of additional instructors, so message me if you would be interested in helping us. Only a few spots remaining, so Please Register in Advance!

Another 90 Day Commitment Completed

I have completed another 90 day personal commitment. On May 5th I committed to 90 consecutive days of a minimum of 20 minutes of cardio, planks, no alcohol and no meat, chicken, fish, eggs, seafood, pork, etc.

I have been on a healthy lifestyle journey the past 4 years following the 5 Pillars to Wellness that my Naturopathic Doctor, friend and mentor taught me. I have learned that if just one of these pillars is off, you could potentially create health challenges. 5 years ago, I didn’t have one of these in balance. They key is balance. Think of driving a car with one flat, after awhile, the performance will not be efficient. These pillars are 1) proper diet /nutrition 2) quality and quantity of sleep 3) positive mental attitude / spiritual 4) daily physical movement 5) adequate amount of water.

I was starting to slack and that’s why I needed to make a personal commitment again. And for some reason, I have to use social media as my accountability partner. By completing the personal commitment, I feel as though I am back on track again and feel fantastic! I look forward to continuing my healthy lifestyle journey!

It’s amazing what can happen if you stay laser focused and set your mind to it! If you want to make a change, you have to make a change.