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Kristin gave my two granddaughters ages 7 and 9 a lesson. She stirred my interest as I listened to her coach the girls into being golfers. I scheduled a lesson  for myself a couple days later. The rest is history!

I’ve golfed since I was a teen, some 50 years. After an hour with Kristin my game came alive. Her advice lead me to reducing my average score by 10 strokes from the mid 90s to the 80s. But the most remarkable achievement for me was to break 80 for the first time in my life. I shot a 78 about three weeks after my lesson.

Kristin set my new goal … break 70!!! Denny Charlton, Las Vegas

I am 65 years old and have been playing golf on and off for 40 years.  I went to Kristin for a lesson and in 30 minutes she taught me some fundamentals I never knew existed like hitting the ball first!

I was so impressed with her teaching skills I signed up for a coaching package almost immediately.  Kristin is a joy to work with.  She doesn’t complicate the game because she keeps everything simple.  She is very knowledgeable and patient even with this “old man.”  I am hitting the ball better than I ever have.  Now with her input I can practice with a purpose. My goal is to break 90 and my last few rounds have been 94, 92 and 87! I feel I can meet my goal now thanks to Kristin.

I so enjoy each and every session!   I would recommend her to ANY golfer no matter what their skill level is. Thanks Kristin for time well spent. Bob Mundson, Las Vegas

Text Message from a Student after bunker and sand wedge session:
“92 today at The Legacy.  48 slow start.  44 on back with an 8. Sigh!  3 for 3 out of bunkers, including a high lip green side bunker.  Almost up and down.  Awesome sand wedge twice over bunker.  And, pared both Par 3’s on the back side!  First Time Ever! Thank you!” Karan, Las Vegas

When I met Kristin I was afraid to use a driver because it typically resulted in a hard right slice, lost ball and penalty stroke, so I would tee off with a five iron regardless of the hole’s distance. I estimated that I would shoot around 120 with loosely known rules. Within two months I was carrying the ball over 250 yards with my driver and in to the fairway. I am now breaking 100 on tough courses in town and have a better understanding of the game’s rules, techniques and biomechanics necessary to improve and set personal goals. Kristin goes above and beyond to keep in touch to make sure I am practicing between lessons, ready for a round with business clients and prepared for the next step in my golf career. I look forward to what the future brings and have begun to enjoy the game that has historically been a frustration. Ryan Ripley, Las Vegas, NV

I’ve been golfing since 1968 and finally taking lessons has made me a better golfer and made the game much more enjoyable. I have recommended Kristin to all of my golf buddies. Tony Santora., Las Vegas

Kristin is an Awesome coach who not only helped me improve my game but helped me love the game through improvement. Stacy Baxter., Las Vegas

Kristin is a great golf teacher! She has an enthusiasm and joy of life that carries over into her teaching. She makes it fun to learn! She gives constructive criticism and is very patient with students of all capabilities. Marlea Blanchard Ellis., Las Vegas

I love my golf lessons with Kristin. She has a good eye, is very knowledgeable, personable, patient and has helped me tremendously. I also think she would be an excellent golf coach for every level – from beginner to accomplished golfer. I highly recommend her!
Guy Prouix, Ottawa, Canada

Kristin was SO patient and positive while teaching me lessons.  I am a bit intimidated to learn new things in front of others but she never made me feel embarrassed or bad about my golf game.  The lessons were customized to the areas which I needed the most help and she sent weekly reminders, videos, and pictures about what we covered to help me remember what to practice.  Not only did she improve my driving, irons, and chipping, she taught me proper golf etiquette and was always available to answer questions.
“You are a saint!  I can say 100% of my golf skills I owe to you. Thank you!”
Randi Newbold., Las Vegas

Kristin has been integral in my continuing pursuit to shoot even par. When I first started with her my handicap was a 9 and now I have gotten it down to a 5. At a 5 handicap the tweaks are incredibly minor and it’s amazing how easily recognizable they are for Kristin. After a few swings she helps me to understand the problem, coach me through the solution and – boom!-problem solved. I know that as long as I continue to work with her, I will be shooting in the red numbers soon!
Ryan Pate, Pharmaceutical Rep., Las Vegas

I have been playing golf for years and have taken a few lessons along the way.  My time with Kristin was a game-changer!  She helped me make a few critical changes to my swing.  Prior to seeing Kristin I had never broken 80 but now I have shot three rounds in the 70s within two months of my lessons with her.  If you want to improve your golf game, Kristin is a fantastic instructor!
Shawn Williams, Executive Pastor of Leadership Development, Central Christian Church

Kristin has been working with my son Peyton  for the past 6 months.  In that short time she has brought his game to a level in which he was not only able to make, but compete and do well on his high school team! What I like best about Kristin is her ability to talk with each student and work with that student at their level. She works with beginners as well as  experienced players. She sets goals and works with each student as an individual!  I would recommend anyone and everyone to work with Kristin!  Scott Stage

Kristin brings a lot of energy to the practice tee.  I first came to her because my bunker play needed a lot of work.  She helped me immediately and continues to help me improve this aspect of my game.After three lessons, my game is substantially more consistent. I am hitting the ball longer and with more accuracy. Yesterday, I hit the ball over a hazard to get on the green on a par 5 in 3.  Last time I played that hole, I needed to lay up because I was so far back..My confidence has increased with iron shots and all shots over water hazards.  I approach the hole knowing I am going to make a good shot. I highly recommend Kristin if you are serious about improving your golf.  She is always positive and encouraging and wants to see all of her students improve.  I am looking forward to continue working with her!  Karan Jacobson

Kristin’s ability to hear my issue, video it, so I can see what I’m doing, verbalize what to do to correct it, is what gives me immediate results.  She e-mails concise notes to remind me of follow-up moves and drills to practice so my game is always progressing.  Her warm personal style and positive attitude makes her not just a teacher, but a coach.  As any golfer knows, its not just a lesson, its a process.  Thanks Kristin! Jacque Miller

I have been a student of Kristin’s for the past two years. As a golfer who is 64 years old and who started playing golf in his 50s, I am sure that I present unique challenges to a golf instructor. I have found Kristin’s instruction to be both very helpful and enjoyable. As an LPGA member she exemplifies professionalism, yet she is very personable. She is able to personalize her instruction in such a way that promotes improvement without requiring one to completely “rebuild” his/her swing. I feel that I have improved greatly under her tutelage and look forward to continuing my instruction with her.  Dr. Ralph

Having Kristin work with me on my golf game was both a pleasant and productive experience. Her patience in overcoming an ingrained less effective golf swing to get it to a better more consistent swing was greatly appreciated. Kristin does not try to change everything all at once, she recognized a key improvement or two each teaching session and focuses on that until understood and the student (me) was able to take it away to work on it between lesson sessions. Stephan Sitar

Before I worked with Dennis his evaluation said: he’s played golf for 29 years, was Hard To Teach, Lowest Round Ever was a 94 and his goal was to break 100 consistently.

Dennis’ Testimonial:  I have had many golf lessons with many golf instructors in Las Vegas and nothing really helped me. I was about ready to just keep shooting around 108 most of the time and live with it. But, I thought I would try one more lesson. I usually golf at Stallion Mountain golf course in Las Vegas. One day, I found out that Kristin teaches there. So I had a series of lessons and I finally found someone who I understood and who understood my bad golf swing. After watching my swing on video, I could see very clear that I was coming over the top. I am working on that. Then I had a chipping and putting lesson which helped me a lot. I am probably saving seven strokes a round with my improved putting. I also had a two hour lesson on the course which was very helpful for chipping and sand traps. My goal is to start breaking 100. Last week for the first time ever, I broke 90, with an 87. Golf is starting to become a lot of fun now. So, I would recommend Kristin to anyone who wants to start playing better golf.  Dennis Heikka

I recently hired Kristin Sunderhaft as my golf coach to help me overcome my chipping and pitching woes. Her dedication and determination to help me achieve my goal was laser focused. After 2 sessions that part of my game had improved so much that when playing I couldn’t wait to hit those type of shots because I had so much confidence that I could easily pull them off. Prior to her instruction, I was executing about 7% of those types of opportunities to now an exciting rate of 95%.
I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for help to improve one’s game, regardless of what facet of one’s game needs help. Aside from her goal of achieving one’s needs and her golf acumen, she is both pleasant and smart and it is very easy to get along with her. Bottom line is she WILL improve your game.  Stephen Smith

I am so blessed to have taken golf lessons from Kristin.  She has helped me hit all my clubs with more consistency and fixed the ones I struggle with, in fact, I NEVER used my lob wedge until she encouraged me to hit it.  Now, I LOVE the lob wedge.  She help so much with the mental aspect of golf which is huge.  Kristin is open to questions and following up after the lessons to help keep you on track.  She has a gift of explaining things to so that you can understand and mentally visualize what is right.  I am a better golfer and person by taking lessons with Kristin and appreciate her friendship.  I hope others can also find joy in her golf knowledge and spirit!!!  Jenny Kraeger

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for helping me with my golf. You aren’t going to believe this: I won the Southern State Amateur the week after I saw you last, (net, of course), then won our flight in our Member-Guest with a hole in one on my first swing of the day on my birthday! You have truly fixed my irons and confidence.  Carol Halstead

“Thanks for great golf instruction during the past week. It was definitely worth the long trip from Norway. We will be back next year! Jessica and Ellen”
Ellen Engebretsen – posted on my Facebook Wall.

Two years ago I bought a used set of clubs from Craig’s list. After spending some frustrating time on the range I spoke to friend of mine who is a good golfer. He suggested that anyone new to the sport should invest in a steady diet of lessons for at least the first year or two to avoid bad habits and bad scores. I was lucky enough to find Kristin, she has been coaching me ever since. My scores have dropped from the 120s to the mid to upper 80s. Kristin has a wide variety of teaching techniques and drills to help you “Get it” fairly quickly. Now, when I start falling apart ever couple of months, I go back and get a tune up, the scores drop right back down. She is very friendly, courteous, persistent, and most importantly, Kristin cares.  Chris Baldwin

I have been golfing since I was 18 years old. I have taken lessons from a few instructors over the years. None have been able to analyze my swing and bring out my natural ability like Kristin. She is a consummate professional with a superb natural teaching ability. She has proven you can teach an old dog new tricks and enjoy the wonderful game of golf for many more years.  Sharron Lock

After struggling with my golf game for many years and many instructors, I finally found Kristin. In a short time, she definitely raised my golf game to a whole new level of confidence and enjoyment……in addition to significantly lowering my handicap. She is a very thoughtful and insightful teacher with a consistently positive approach toward improving your game. Her time with the LPGA has certainly prepared her well to be an excellent, well-rounded instructor. I often use her to “tweak” my game and she never fails to fix whatever I am struggling with at the moment. I have also recommended her to several friends who have nothing but praise for her teaching approach and effectiveness. I strongly recommend Kristin as she can definitely unleash the hidden potential in your game.
Mark Hellrung

I have taken lessons and clinics from 4 or 5 golf pros but none have helped me accomplish the swing the way you have. Your teaching technique incorporating real time video of the lesson, combined with your very special communication skills have made a huge difference in my ability to comprehend the complicated “Golf Swing” so I could start to make some real progress. Because of you I have the golf passion to keep playing, keep practicing, and keep trying to improve. I look forward to each lesson because every time we get together I continue to learn something new about the fundamentals of the swing, the technique of the various types of shots and the way to play the many different types of lies we encounter on the course. I can’t thank you enough.  Karen Meyers

By the way, I shot my record score Thursday at ladies day which was a 96. I came down from the 120’s to a 96 – hope it lasts, and I owe it to you. Every time I take lessons from you I shoot so good. I told all the ladies about my lessons once again from you. I will get in touch with you when I return to set up more wonderful lessons.  JoAnne


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  1. Since working with Kristen this past year, my golf game has never been better. Her bunker techniques and short game strategies still help me each round.
    I recently posted my best round in 3 years-an 89. It could have been better. had I remembered Kristens instruction-curb your emotions and play shot by shot.

    Slightly over a week ago , I played my best 9 holes ever-scoring a 41. 4 Pars in a row-a first for me. It was so much fun.

    I continue to play and practice and work with Kristen. I know that over the next few months, my game will get better and better. Kristen is an excellent teacher who listens and customizes her teaching to your specific needs.

    Karan Jacobson

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